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“Working with Martha has been a wonderful journey. My regular sessions have, in time, become a healthy ritual to receive guidance and structure. I love her focus, professional presence and warm compassion. I have felt supported and challenged, and always comfortable.  I truly recommend her work as a healer, spiritual guide and counselor. Thank you, Martha!”

— L. C.

“My work with Martha since the beginning has been transformative through mental, energetic, and spiritual means. I have looked deeper into pieces of myself, and conversed with these pieces, more intentionally and deeper than I have in my memory of self. Martha's innate sense of understanding, seeing, and journeying, as well as her natural ability to hold space for those she connects with, are truly powerful and moving, and I have grown immensely within and beyond myself in my time working with her.”

— C. M.

“I am grateful for Martha.  Our family moved here two years ago, and while I needed support, it also felt overwhelming to begin the process of finding the right person.  As time unfolded, I was led to Martha. At our first session I told her I was hesitant to start all over again with someone new. Martha said, you don't have to, let's just start where you are.  Her strong assurance helped me settle in instantly and I knew my search was complete.  To no surprise, it looks very different from the work with my prior therapist. Life keeps us growing and moving forward like this.  Martha has helped me tremendously.”

— s. b.

“Martha is the therapist that coached me through difficult transitions in my life.  Her passion and empathy makes her a therapist that I could freely open up to and I would take her suggestions to heart.  She also gave me the tools I would use between sessions. She made me find the strength in myself and the happiness within!  Her accountability coaching really made me work harder and get through things that I needed to. Martha has helped me in many ways and I am thankful for her and her techniques.”

— K. P.

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