As a child, I was in touch with my super powers of insight, empathy and deep listening.  I was aware of my intimate connection with the trees, plants and animals and acutely awake to the inner working of people and their emotional experiences.  I felt what others felt and understood way more than what was spoken in words between people. My adolescence was a time of quiet knowing, still remembering and embodying all that I intuitively knew, but having no context to understand what I was experiencing.  

As I matured, books became my spiritual teachers. In my 20’s I voraciously read every metaphysical book I could get my hands on, feeling a deep resonance with the topics of Intuition, Shamanism, Energy and Guides. Becoming a therapist felt like the most direct way to “healing” that I knew at the time and I entered The University of Michigan to earn my Master’s Degree in Social Work.  In my 30’s, after almost a decade of working as a psychotherapist and becoming a trained Internal Family Systems Therapist, I made a conscious decision to prove to myself that there was support beyond the physical realm. Even though I had a lifetime of “knowing”, my intellectual brain was desiring “proof”. Shortly after I put my intention out to the Universe, amazing spiritual things began to happen.  The final bit of “proof” occurred through a reading with a medium on the phone who told me things that no one else in the world, but me, knew. Yet, my Grandma who witnessed me from the spiritual realm, told the medium this secret, and the medium told me. I had my “proof”. My life forever changed. Shortly thereafter I became certified in Reiki I,II, III and Master Level Reiki. I began to intensively study the psychic arts through classes, personal teachers and mentorships. I attended a Shamanic Immersion course and felt like I had come home.  This led me to California to participate in a Shamanic Intensive experience through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. All the while I was attending Sonia Choquette’s Level I, II, III and Teacher Training Courses as I was also feeling deeply connected to the Intuitive work she taught. I have completed Sabrina Choquette’s Intuitive Apprenticeship program and I continue to work with her as one of my spiritual teachers.