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I believe that every single one of us came here to live a full life.  Not to play small or stay in a job or relationship that we intuitively know is wrong, but to live a life that makes us want to jump out of bed each morning excited for what the day holds!

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A bit about me...I am a metaphysical junkie, dance enthusiast, fashion appreciator, jewelry maker wannabe and craver of magical, cozy spaces.  My life’s work is to help create a world where people deeply and passionately love themselves. I wake up each morning with a full heart, excited to support people on their personal journies to their truest selves.

As a child, I was in touch with my super powers of insight, empathy and deep listening.  I was aware of my intimate connection with the trees, plants and animals and acutely awake to the inner working of people and their emotional experiences.  I felt what others felt and understood way more than what was spoken in words between people. My adolescence was a time of quiet knowing, still remembering and embodying all that I intuitively knew, but having no context to understand what I was experiencing.  As I grew, books became my spiritual teachers and I voraciously read every metaphysical book I could get my hands on, feeling a deep resonance with the topics of Intuition, Shamanism, Energy and Spirit Guides. Becoming a therapist felt like the most direct way to “healing” that I knew at the time and I entered The University of Michigan to earn my Master’s Degree in Social Work.  I became a trained Internal Family Systems Therapist early on in my career, which seamlessly supported my interests and studies in metaphysics. I became certified in Reiki I,II, III and Master Level Reiki. I began to intensively study the psychic arts through classes, personal teachers and mentorships. I attended a Shamanic Immersion course and felt like I had come home.  I was then led to California to complete an Advanced Shamanic Healing Training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  All the while I was attending Sonia Choquette’s Level I, II, III, IV and Teacher Training Courses as I was also feeling deeply connected to the Intuitive work she taught.  I have completed Sabrina Choquette’s Intuitive Apprenticeship program and I continue to work closely with her as one of my spiritual teachers.

In addition to my metaphysical studies and experiences,  I have had many clinical experiences which have contributed to the Soul Coaching work I do today.  I have worked with children and their families at Temple University in the Department of Psychology and with opiate addicted individuals through the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Vermont. I provided counseling for women in a health clinic in Atlanta and was the head therapist for the adolescent boys in Chicago’s largest emergency shelter. I worked with the Jewish Federation in Skokie providing therapy for teens and their families. Most recently I have been in private practice for over 15 years both in Pittsburgh, PA and in Evanston, IL.

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