I am deeply grateful for my work with Martha.  She helped me to remember my strengths, supported me when I was unsure of myself, guided me when I felt lost and really heard me for who I am.  Martha saw my beauty, even when I couldn’t see it for myself….and waited patiently for me to remember. She helped me to see how capable and strong I really am…I will be forever grateful of our work together.

-T. J.


I am so grateful to have found Martha. From the beginning of our work together, I knew that she had a gift. Martha is a breath of fresh air. She is warm, empathic, patient and kind. She listens without judgment, while at the same time providing the tools and encouragement needed for me to make the necessary shifts in my life.  Martha is always engaged and open. Her work is holistic–she sees all of her clients as fully human. Martha has walked me through some of my biggest challenges and championed my successes. I will forever take her words with me.



My work with Martha since the beginning has been transformative through  mental, energetic, and spiritual means. I have looked deeper into parts of myself, and conversed with these parts more intentionally and deeply than I have in my memory of self. Martha's innate sense of  understanding, seeing, and journeying, as well as her natural ability to hold space for those she connects with, are truly powerful and moving, and I have grown immensely within and beyond myself in my time working  with her.



Working with Martha was a wonderful experience of personal growth, self-discovery, and exploring all of the different parts of myself. Each session with Martha was so meaningful. Her kind, compassionate nature and ability to truly connect with me made all the difference. She provided me with thoughtful guidance and helped me develop practices for mind, body, and spirit that I continue to use to this day.



Martha is the one you want when you need someone who has your back.

She is genuine, exudes deep beauty and can help you reclaim and befriend those dark places we prefer not to reach or touch, safely.

Martha assisted me through periods of great grief.  She has rejoiced with my joy and helps me name my sorrow, keeping a keen eye on our continuing progress together. Most importantly, I am seen and accepted.