My path has been a wonky one, each layer of me unfolding,

sometimes painfully, over many years.


As a psychotherapist, I felt limited. My truest self felt stifled and hidden away by the confines of traditional therapy.  My desire to work openly with my Spiritual Guides and Higher Self took over and I bravely made the leap to honor my gifts of intuition and insight.

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I now joyfully assist others on their wonky paths of discovery, creativity and authenticity. By combining 25 years of psychotherapy expertise, with the psychic information I receive, I offer guidance that comes from the Soul level. Soul work is profound and life changing. If you are feeling curious about what else is out there (or in there) for you, I would be honored to help.

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Blog writings

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Oh the joy of unbecoming

Young kids have a clear sense of who they are. Unfortunately, the world often steps in and that knowing gets squished, tucked away and forgotten. The beautiful, sometimes painful process of growing and becoming is often not in alignment with our true Soul purpose, our authentic Self.

The Joy of Unbecoming is the quest back to your original Self, the one you knew intimately, for she holds your wisdom, your confidence, your deepest, clearest knowing.

Walking this path with others is my passion and my gift. I would be honored to guide, witness and champion, as you bravely return to YOU.

Note to Martha: maybe a short caption about spirit animals here?

Note to Martha: maybe a short caption about spirit animals here?