Intuitive+Psychotherapist = Soul Coach


What Is Calling You?


The desire to know and love yourself.


Those whispers inside of you are your guides.

They nudge you in the direction you are meant to travel,

toward experiences you are here to have.


Be Brave. Follow your whispers.


My deepest truest self knew there was more. My inner whispers turned into loud demanding voices, until I finally listened and admitted to myself that as a psychotherapist, I felt limited and not in alignment with me. My truest self felt stifled and hidden away by the confines of traditional therapy. My desire to work openly with my Spiritual Guides and Higher Self took over and I bravely made the leap to honor my gifts of intuition and insight. This was not an easy transition for me. Parts of me were scared that if I were open about how I worked in session (receiving intuitive information) I would lose credibility and my practice would falter. It was after much inner exploration that I courageously stepped into my truth and allowed my work with clients to be even more free, creative and soulful. When I finally listened to and honored my whispers, my life and work shifted in the most beautiful and profound way.

If you feel the call, hear the whispers, know that there is more for you...I would be honored to partner with you as you touch in with your inner knowing, open up to those buried longings and jump into the adventure that is your unique life!